The Circle

Imagine that you are in a huge circle.

You are at Fuga Hotel Constantinidis in the middle of this circle which surrounds you to explore Istanbul.

Please find below recommendations of Fuga Hotel Constantinidis for your valued side!

Istiklal Street and its Surroundings 

  • You will reach Istiklal Street a few steps later immediately after you leave Fuga Hotel Constantinidis.
  • From this point where you are very close to Taksim Square, you can reach following places with a short walk if you wish,
    • To Cihangir district for drinking something where Journey, Otto and Josh Restaurant are located for Armenian cuisine
    • To Çukurcuma district where you can visit antique shops and Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence.
    • To Galata Tower , where designer's street Serdar-ı Ekrem, Galata Tower are located and to Kiva Restaurant of Antakya (Alexandretta) province when you get hungry
    • To Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passage),  the French Street and hundreds of small, joyful and noisy pubs in Asmalimescit quarter near Istiklal Caddesi,
    • To Zarifi Restaurant which is only 50 steps away from the hotel or to Restaurant 360 in Mısır (Egypt) Building on Istiklal Caddesi or to Leb-i Derya in parallel with Istiklal Caddesi for a fabulous dinner a pleasant drink,
  • To Sultanahmet district: Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Yerebatan Cistern, Topkapi Palace and Archeology Museum and Hagia Irini Church, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar, Asitane (Big Lodge), Sultanahmet Meatball Restaurant,
  • Eminonü District: Egyptian Bazaar and Pandeli Restaurant serving ince 1901 in it, Hamdi Restaurant, Valide Sultan Mosque
  • Vefa Bozacısı (seller of zythum)
  • Fener Greek Patriarchate
  • Fener and Balat Districts, Koç Museum, Miniaturk; Eyüp Sultan Mosque
  • Pierre Loti Hill
  • Nişantaşı: If you are looking for even more crazy entertainment, Cahit Maçka presents the shows you are looking for.
  • Karaköy : The latest trend and the new popular regiond of old Istanbul Karaköy district’s design boutiques  cafes, restaurants and nightclubs only within 15-20 minutes walk from Constantinidis. Do not miss Kılıçali Pasha Bath to experience a real Turkish bath experience!
  • Restaurants you must visit; Mana Restaurant, Maya Restaurant, Karaköy Restaurant, Mükellef Restaurant, Fasuli Restaurant, Baltazar Burger, Namlı Delicatessen, Güllüoğlu Baklava Shop
  • Cafes; Karabatak Cafe, Dem Cafe, Nar Cafe
  • Discover the beauty of Istanbul by virtue of tour boats departing from Ortaköy district to make Bosporus tours. Walk to Bebek district after getting off the boat. Have your lunch in “Park Fora” in Kuruçeşme district or in various fish restaurants located side by side in Arnavutköy district but do not miss your dessert. Enjoy ice cream balls at “Mini Ice Cream Shop” according to your taste as soon as you get to Bebek district. Lucca, just across the street is perfect to have a drink and to hang out shoulder to shoulder with Istanbul jet-set both inside and out on the streets. Mangerie next to Lucca, is also a perfect choice for breakfast.
  • Anatolian (Asian) Side: Maiden's Tower, Baghdad Street, Üsküdar district


  • Do not go to small clubs from where people call you.
  • Do not take a taxi from Taksim Square and Sultanahmet district. Make sure that they have opened their taximeters at the moment you get on

If you desire to travel elsewhere in the city, Metro-Metrobus lines are a few minutes away. You can walk from Taksim Square to Beşiktaş district and Dolmabahçe and enjoy the Bosphorus.

Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street, named as Cadde-i Kebir (the Big Street) in 1927, extends between the Tünel (tunnel) district and Taksim Square it is Turkey's most famous street since the end of the 19th century. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops, book stores, passages, inns, historic streets and churches which appeal to every taste and budget along the street with a length of 1,400 meters long. The Nostalgic Tram passes through Istiklal Street and runs between Taksim district and Tünel (tunnel) district throughout the day. You will be astonished with the crowds and vividness of Istiklal Street lasting for 24 hours.

You must absolutely visit:

  • Taksim Republican Monument
  • Mısır (Egypt) Apartment
  • Çiçek (Flower) Passage
  • Aznavur Passage
  • Saint Antoine Church
  • Nevizade restaurants street
  • Asmalımescit district
  • Tunnel district
  • Pera Museum

Cihangir District

Cihangir is one of the most famous districts of Beyoğlu. It starts from Taksim Square, Sıraselviler Street and Kazancı Rise in the north and expands to Salıpazarı ve Fındıklı districts in the south with steep slopes and stairs. The district is famous for its cafes and old buildings. It is a district of Istanbul where foreigners and artists are mostly settled.

The district currently hosts numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and  art galleries. You can get away from the crowds of Istiklal Street and enjoy the scenery and meet the famous cats of Cihangir district.

You must absolutely visit:

  • Firuzağa Coffee House
  • Cihangir Stairs
  • The streets waiting to be discovered

Çukurcuma District

This is a district mostly famous antique shops, historical buildings and street cats in Beyoğlu. Its location is lower than Beyoglu and it is thought that it has taken its name for this reason. You can experience the bohemian air of Istanbul in Çukurcuma.

You must absolutely visit:

  • Antique shops of Çukurcuma
  • Faik Paşa Street
  • Cezayir (Algeria) Street
  • Asri Pickle Shop
  • Museum of Innocence

Galata District

Galata is a district of Beyoğlu, full of art, faith and historical richness. The region hosts numerous synagogues in addition to Greek, Armenian and Georgian churches. Galata Tower, one of the icons of the city, is located in this district and welcomes you with all its beauty. There are many numerous, cafes and shops in and around the tower. You can enjoy Turkish and international cuisines and experience tavern culture.

You can also easily walk down to Karaköy dsitrict from Galata Tower and discover new places. Do not forget to include Istanbul Modern to your Karaköy travel schedule.

You must absolutely visit:

  • Galata tower
  • Galata Mevlevihanesi (Mawlawi Lodge)
  • Salt Galata
  • Serdar-ı Ekrem Street

Maiden's Tower

The historical tower next to the Bosphorus, standing like a monument off shore from the Üsküdar district.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace, built by Sultan Adbülmecit, is 150 years old. The palace in which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk passed away is preserved as a museum in Beşiktaş district.

Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace has been one of the symbols of the sultanate over centuries and is one of Istanbul's most magnificent structures of Istanbul. You have to spend your entire day to see the palace fully.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower is one of the oldest buildings of Istanbul. It is the historical tower where Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi realized his legendary flight.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

The historical mosque on the historical peninsula has a fascinating atmosphere. Its other name is the Blue Mosque because of the blue pencil works used therein.

Grand Bazaar

It is one of the world's largest and oldest covered bazaars. You can find the best examples of carpets, jewelry and traditional Turkish arts in Grand Bazaar.